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Metallic Resin

The very latest and most flexible of our products yet, for floors, worktops and panels, the 3D effects and depths of this product is outstanding. This product must be seen in real life to appreciate the finishes.

Real Metal Coatings

This amazing new product is made from real metals such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper and Bronze. We are the innovators of trowel and spray applied metal worktops, floors and walls in the UK. Unlike sheet metal, we can create seamless surfaces. various finshes are available, please call us to look at our sample ranges. Look our for our new worktop images to follow!

Ultra Thin Concrete

Trowel applied Micro-Top Concrete can be applied almost anywhere, lightwight and cost effective, it can replace almost all conventional concrete products.



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Our Friendly team is happy to help you, please contact us via email at or by phone on 0333 577 9450 or 07712 004866.



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I came across your site for a Bronze Overlay worktop for my old kitchen, I have to say, Your fitter Russ was polite and tidy, and the finished product was fantastic. I have already recommended you to my neighbour, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone.
Paul & Barbara Lynn
Docklands E14

Dealing with your company was a breathe of fresh air! I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the new Concrete floor and matching worktop. the kitchen looks really lovely. Fantastic job from start to finish, we will happily recommend you to our friends and family.
Best Regards,
Doug Young
London E1

We are delighted with our Kitchen Makeover. It was a pleasure working with John on our new doors, worktop and sink. We can’t believe how different our kitchen looks. The quality and finish was top class . We recommend Surface Detail with no hesitation.
Mr & Mrs Stoker
Docklands E16

Surface Detail recently installed a concrete shower wet room. They helped me plan the perfect design at a very competitive price. I received an excellent service; the job was completed on time and without any problems. The high quality finish along with very skilled workmanship have transformed my shower room. I am delighted with the result and would recommend them to anyone.
Judy Thorpe
Southend, Essex

My Stainless steel worktop and added storage looks really great, its completely changed my kitchen. I have practical and attractive work area, and all the outside mess is nicely stored away in convenient new comparments. Iwill have to buy some more crockery and pans to fill them. Thanks for all of your help with the design and smooth installation.
Kishan Deol
Dartford, Kent

John Millar from Surface Detail came highly recommended. At the introductory planning meeting, John was helpful and patient. He provided suggestions and drawings until we had made our final decisions. The installation itself was done with the minimum possible disruption. Russ The fitter got on with the job, keeping dust levels down and clearing up at the end of each day. He put in a great deal of hard and painstaking work to ensure the perfect fit and finish, and this is a room where there are no straight walls. The result? A Concrete Worktop and splash back + new gloss doors and handles, I am absolutely delighted with my new kitchen and with how the work was carried out. Russ's work has already been admired by friends and family. We are very happy to recommend Surface Detail to others without reservation and would not hesitate to commission further work from him in the future should the need arise.
Brian & Wendy Wood
Brentwood, Essex

I was a bit nervous having sales people in my home after some bad experiences with some double glazing companies, I need not have worried, there was no pressure selling, in fact the complete opposite. I felt you were there to help me, rather than sell to me. My Kitchen makeover is simply great! If ever I move, or need more work, i will be sure to use you again.
Chelmsford, Essex

Dear John,I will carry on recommending you to anyone who needs glass kitchen doors fitted without hesitation! Thanks Again.
Peter & Jean Crompton
Romford, Essex

From start to finish the service provided was exceptional. At the planning stage the help and advice provided was honest and professional and your knowledge and expertise was impressive . The delivery and fitting was superb and the quality of the work was fabulous. The consultation was brilliant and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others. Thanks for the great Brass and Copper finishes on the worktop and island.
Paul and Jennifer Attenborough
Chigwell, Essex

From the first site visit Surface Detail's service was second to none. Fitting was precise and professional and the overall finished product is of great quality. They really did fit a square peg in a round hole!
Stuart Roberts

Dear John, What a refreshing change to deal with a company that has straight forward genuine prices without all of the gimmicks that other companies seem to employ. From the moment that John came to see me, until the completed job it has been a pleasure to do business with you, I would recommend you without hesitation (in fact I already have given you details to one of my neighbours) The Kitchen and Concrete Work Surfaces look fantastic keep up the good work!!!!
Mrs J Davis

To Surface Detail
We first contacted Surface Detail seeking a quotation to supply and install our Kitchen Doors, a Steel Worktop and additional carcasses. We were determined to seek out an supplier and installer at the same time as some steel worktop suppliers cannot do the whole thing. Within a few days of the initial contact we met John the area representative who quickly assessed our requirements and drew up schematic plans offering clear positive advice as he progressed. When the diagrams were complete to our satisfaction a price was calculated . On the placement of our order the installation was carried out to fit in with our schedule both efficiently and to a very high standard. Nothing was too much trouble and we are delighted with the results. We would strongly recommend Surface Detail both for their professionalism and quality of work.
Kathy Begley
Occold, Suffolk




Metals 0333 577 9450    07712 004866


Metal Coated Copper    Metal Coated Brass      Metal Coated Bronze     Metal Coated Aluminium

Surface Detail do all forms of Real Metal coatings in Decorative finishes that can be made darker or lighter, these surfaces are not like a paint but an actual trowel applied or sprayed on finish that is highly robust and visualy stunning. Rather than the appearance of a metal sheet, these materials have a cast appearance that looks like a solid chunk or casting, but having said this it is far lighter in weight and far cheaper to process than actual solid metal.

Aluminium Fire Surround

A seamless metal coating solution that allows a light-weight, real metal finish to be cost-effectively applied over complex surfaces.

Like our other delighted clients, you'll be thrilled at the way you can break existing boundaries when designing ANYTHING with a decorative metal coating.

Real Aluminium Coating

Aluminium Coating Lunar Aluminium Coating Light Texture Aluminium Coating Medium Texture Aluminium Coating Heavy Texture Aluminium Coating Industrial Aluminium Coating Polished Aluminium 2 Aluminium 1

Surface Detail Metal Coatings provide design and product solutions for architects, designers, boat-builders, artists, sign-writers, film production companies, and more.

The cost of a Metal Finish depends on the size and shape of the object to be coated and the metal finish required. As you would expect, Metal Coatings are more expensive than Metallic Paint (they also keep their good looks for about five times longer) but are much less expensive than sheet, cast or foundry metal and compare favourably with other decorative options available in the marketplace. Add to this the fact that Metal Coatings are hand-crafted and unique. All of the Metal Finishes shown on our website, whether smooth or textured, can be produced in most of the metals. What we show on the website are only some of the possibilities.

Real Copper Coating

Copper Coating Polished Flat Industrial Copper Copper 3 Copper Coating Light Texture Coper Coating Light Copper Coating Medium Texture Copper Coating Coral Copper Coating Heavy Texture Copper Coating Sweep Copper Patina BlueGreen

Metal Coatings are light so they can be used where sheet or cast metal would be too heavy - for example, wall decorations, super yacht fit-outs and aeronautical fit-outs for private jets.

Brass Reception Desk

Metal Coatings are applied in a cold-spray process or by troweling, which means they can be applied to just about any surface, even heat-sensitive and unexpected surfaces - for example, wood, plastic, fibreglass, latex, cloth, leather and rubber.

Real Brass Coating

Brass Coating Polished Brass Block 1 Textured Brass Brass Coating Medium Texture Brass Coating Heavy Texture Brass Coating Coral

Metal Coatings use no solvents so is much more environmentally friendly than the traditional solvent-based metal coatings. The high ratio of metal in our Metal coatings (up to 80%) gives them greater durability, which means the finished product looks great for a significantly longer period of time and does not become dull and tired like regular and metallic paints.

Bronze Sink  and Wall

Copper Worktops      Brass Worktops      Bronze Worktops    Aluminium Worktops

Using all the Metal Application Techniques - design and functionality are both incorporated into these products. Look out for our bespoke furniture pieces coming soon!

Real Bronze Coating

Bronze Polish Bronze Pearlescent Bronze Light Texture Bronze Coating Raw Bronze Coating Spatter Bronze Coating Spatter Black Wax Bronze Coating Medium Texture Bronze Coating Heavy Texture Bronze Coating Papyrus Bronze Coating Wave Bronze Coating Green Patina Bronze Coating Check

Are metal coatings metal a paint?
No, they are not a metal paint. They are a cold sprayable metallizing process, comprising up to 80% pure metal. Metal Coatings are an alternative to chrome plating, foundry metal, metallic paint finishes, plating, vacuum metallizing, and other metallizing processes.

Are Metal Coatings metal plating?
No, metal plating is an electro-chemical process. Metal Coatings are a cold spray or Troweled metallisation process that can be applied to a variety of surfaces. These include but are not limited to laminates, melamine, wood, plastic, gypsum, fiberglass, ceramics, concrete, foam, porcelain, glass, or metal.

Are Metal Coatings powder coating?
No. Powder coating is baked on. Metal coatings do not involve heat and can be sprayed on, rolled on, hand applied or poured on. They may also be cast. Because this is a cold application process there is no heat impact or heat distortion of the substrate.

Can Metal Coatings be used outdoors?
Metal Coatings are suitable for outdoor use when the proper substrate is used and the coating correctly applied. Metal Coatings are extremely durable and are expected to last outdoors for up to 2o years. Our water-based metal coatings can also be used outdoors and are expected to have an outdoor lifespan of up to 15 years.

How many coats are needed?
For some applications only one coat of Metal Coatings is required. A second coat is always required with a textured finish to give a good bond, and with a high polish finish to enable the product to have maximum visual depth. Where a second coat is required the undercoat need only contain a minimum quantity of metal so costs are kept low.

Liquid Metal Coatings are a real metal finish to just about anything: plaster, glass, stone, foam, paper, wood, plastics, ceramic - even fabric. This is real metal - a living finish, with all the same characteristics such as sheen, hardness, texture and reflection. Fabricators, designers and artists can achieve the authentic look of metal on signs, displays, architectural details, custom tiles, furniture, products and sculptures. The wide variety of uses is limited only by the imagination. Unless it breathes or melts, we can coat it in real metal. Available in Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, and Copper, for a wide variety of metal colours. Our custom finishing and polishing techniques can add unique characteristics to your piece including weathering, antiquing, inlays, mixed metal, high-polish, satin, machining and engraving. The process will not impact the underlying substrate -no warping, shrinking or distortion of any kind, because there’s no heat involved. Anything you can paint, you can have coated with real, lustrous, durable metal.

Our services include preparation of the substrate, applying, curing and finishing the new metal surface.

Metal Coatings

Our Metal Toppings or Metal Finishes are actually made from real metals and look like metals, it is the main ingredient in the material! Protected with sealants, the colour can remain bright or develop an aged patina over time if required.

Polished Copper      Polished Brass     Polished Bronze      Polished Aluminium

There are various names for the products and processes of our artisan metal services and installations, but one thing is for sure, each one is bespoke and individual with each one finished with its own style. Call us for a free home visit to see the types of finish we can offer.


  • Worktops
  • Walls
  • Panels
  • Floors
  • Tables
  • Desks

    Seamless finishes eliminate the need for tiles, This is an easy to clean surface, with out the need to worry about grout discolouring

    Features and Benefits

    Seamless finishes, This is an easy to clean surface, Ultra tough, protecting the walls or floors from busy traffic areas,scuffs, digs, and children!

    If possible, when buying a sink, please wait until you have looked at the worktops first, it is better to plan around the worktop than the sink. Integrated sinks forming part of the worktop, Drop-In Sinks Under-Mounted Sinks, Flush Mounted Sinks, sinks with extra large bowls, and waste disposal units. The Flush Mounted sinks have Flat edge technology, these sinks sit almost completely flush with the worktop at just 1mm in depth, the profile not only looks the part fitted into the most exclusive of worktops (Concrete, Granite, Composite, Solid Wood, Laminate) making it available for kitchens on all budgets. The low profile offers genuine hygiene benefits too.

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