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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Our surfaces and products are not designed or built to be used structurally unless specifically discussed and stated on the invoice.

We do not recommend standing or sitting on our work surfaces. Alterations to products due to variations from supplied information will be chargeable to the client.

Damaged goods will be replaced as quickly as possible. All replacement of damaged products will require at least the same manufacturing lead time as applied to the original order.

All estimated project production times are based on scheduled start dates. Start dates are scheduled once the deposit has been paid and cleared.

(Production time average 3-6 weeks).

Surface Detail accepts no liability for direct or indirect losses, costs or penalties resulting from delayed deliveries or delays caused by the replacement of damaged products. All information is provided in good faith and is subject to change without notice.


Any sample provided is to be seen as a guide and not a guarantee of the final products appearance.

Due to the nature of the materials used, manufacturing, curing and finishing processes each item produced will be unique and individual in appearance. Efforts will be made to produce continuity for items of a single project or order where applicable. Variations in product appearance and colour, hair line crazing, flecking, pitting, dappling and texture are considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material and are not seen as defects.

Slurry filling of voids is normal. In situations where efflorescence has occurred and is not wanted, efforts will be made to remove the mineral deposits.

The use of sealers to protect the surface does not constitute a guarantee that the surface will not stain/etch or allow liquids to penetrate.

Sealers are used to help prevent staining and liquid penetration by providing the client time to clean away staining material. It is the client’s responsibility to remain diligent in the removal of possible stain causing or penetrating substances.

Sealers will provide no protection against acid attack.

Sealers can be damaged and may need to be periodically re-applied, this is especially relevant to product which are submerged e.g. Basins, bath tubs and water features.

Stone floors & tops are subject to influences outside the control of Surface Detail. Whilst every effort will be made to prevent the occurrence of cracks, scratches, wearing, staining and other undesirable effects, no guarantee is provided or implied against such occurrences.

Concrete sinks, baths etc. may require a topical sealer to help protect the concrete surface from water ingress. Dissolved minerals in the water supply may alter the appearance of the concrete.


All products remain the property of Surface Detail until full and cleared transfer of payment has occurred and the product has been signed for prior to unloading on delivery. Payment terms for products require a 45% non-returnable deposit at the time of order. Second payment of 45% is to be made (and cleared) on or prior to the date of delivery. With a final 10% on completion for Snagging.

Payments can be either with credit card, charge card cheque or cash.

Interest of not more than 10% APR of the total unpaid amount will be added to the bill at the beginning of each week after the lapsed payment date. Estimates and quotations given remain valid for 30 days.


The date of commencement of any project will be declared only after all the required dimensions and project details have been agreed in writing by the client, Surface Detail Terms and Conditions have been signed and returned to Surface Detail and full payment of the deposit has been made.

The commencement date will be used to calculate the expected completion date.

Any delays outside the control of Surface Detail may result in alterations to the scheduled times allocated for production and delivery.


Delivery dates and times will be adhered to wherever possible but cannot be guaranteed and do not constitute a contract between the purchaser and Surface Detail.

Curbside delivery with one driver is standard. Products should be inspected and signed for prior to unloading. It is the client’s responsibility to fully inspect products prior to signing for them.

Any damaged products should be indicated to the driver/courier prior to unloading. Surface Detail should be made aware of any issues relating to products purchased immediately.

Once delivered to curbside and signed for the client is responsible for the product unless otherwise agreed in writing by Surface Detail.

Any damage caused to the product once delivered is entirely the client’s responsibility. Surface Detail will not consider any claim once fitting has begun.

Any damage or injury caused directly or in-directly to property or individuals once the product has arrived at the delivery address and is signed for is entirely the client’s responsibility.

Client to provide sufficient labour to unload goods. Standard projects require a minimum of 3 strong people (Please ask for recommendations in relation to your project).

Unloading (and loading) of products at the delivery address should be completed in good time, normally within 30 minutes of arrival.

Surface Detail reserves the right to charge a waiting fee of not more than £30 per half hour applicable at the beginning of each half hour after 45 minutes has elapsed from the time of arrival at the delivery address.

If for any reason any item is not unloaded within 2 hours of arrival at the delivery address, the item will be returned to Surface Detail. Where Surface Detail is not at fault, an additional transportation charge of not more than 20% of the original total order invoice price will apply.

Surface Detail reserves the right to charge storage at a rate of not more that 20% of the original total order invoice price for every seven day period of storage, applicable at the start of each seven day period, commencing on the date of return.

All additional fees are to be paid in full prior to redelivery.

If, through no fault of the company, products are not redelivered within 2 months of return to the company, Surface Detail reserves the right to dispose of the products as it sees fit.


Parking (or parking permits) to be provided on or close to site where required. Standard local parking or Congestion fees are to be met by the client if applicable.


Deposits must be paid and cleared prior to templating.

All surface areas in need of templating should be cleared, have clear surrounding access, be of sound construction and at the proposed final height of the surface. Additional call out fees will be charged if additional trips to site are required.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all specific details such as size of overhangs, angles, positions of knock-outs for hobs, sinks, taps etc. are clearly understood by a representative on site and are reflected in the position and construction of units/carcasses on site. The provision of accurate drawings prior to templating is highly recommended.

Manufacturer’s templates or specific dimensions for all knock-outs are to be provided at the time of templating.

Unskilled assistance may be required subject to the project.

Duration for templating varies according to the project, it is the clients responsibility to ensure the site remains open until templating is completed.


Fitting constitutes the positioning and securing of the concrete products to an existing sub structure and making good the joints.

All measurements indicated may be subject to variation +5mm or -5mm. Fitting gaps of up to 5mm on all wall facing edges and joints is normal practice. Vertical deflection of 1.5mm per linear meter may occur in some situations.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide sufficient sub structure and fixing support for products purchased (carcases, wall fixings etc.)

We recommend supporting structures be stable and strong enough so as to provide continuous contact support for the entire surface.

Where the client has requested the services of Surface Detail to fit the product. Surface Detail will only be responsible for their own actions and labour. Where part or all labour is provided by the client, liability for any damage remains with the client.

All sub-structures should be prepared and cleared, have clear surrounding access, be of sound, suitable construction and be at the proposed final position of the product.

Alterations or additions to supporting structures are not the responsibility of Surface Detail.